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Company Overview and History

media-kitBright Wings, Inc., a holistic services and products company, was founded in 1998 in Westchester County, NY by Nancy Boyd, to serve people who are up to something good. The idea was to create a support system for people whose ideals do not yet receive full validation in the greater cultures in which they live – people who intend greater good for themselves and for the world, and whose voices may not be the loudest heard in their communities and commons – people who might identify themselves, for instance, as Cultural Creatives, Indigo or Star Seeds.

In 1999, Bright Wings founded The DayToppers Program, to help busy, active people stay on track with their visions, plans and projects. In 15 minutes a day, focusing on one goal at a time, individuals or small groups of 8 meet by telephone to tackle priority tasks and stay accountable. At first, it was a simple tool to help people get things done. From there, it has grown organically to include a global vision with a goal to support multiple sites in local languages with coaches from the local culture.

In 2003, Bright Wings launched the first of a series of web sites, to support the company’s growing activities. Additional sites followed in each of the consecutive years, totaling ten by the end of 2006 with the launch of the flagship site,

Bright Wings’ founder, Nancy Boyd, is a graduate of Coach University. She helped found, the Graduate School of Coaching (now SOC), and the International Association of Coaches (IAC). She founded the CoachU Cultural Creatives Special Interest Group as a vehicle to create community and dialogue within CoachU about effecting cultural change.

Her work with the coaching community, developing coaching programs and training, and creating a strong base of support for people who want to make this world a better place, forward an original vision that unfolds continually.

Bright Wings, Inc. Products and Services

The Bright Wings menu of products and services includes:

Personal and professional coaching services

Flower essence therapy:

Native American aromatherapy

Additional services and products include:
Teleclasses, workshops and live or recorded seminars and forums

Group and individual coaching for Indigo children, teens, adults, parents and families

Group and individual coaching for Cultural Creative entrepreneurs, healers, and small business owners – to support and accelerate your evolutionary journey towards greatness (coming soon!)

Custom blended flower essences for people and pets. Bright Wings specializes in personal consultations (that usually last an hour and are extremely comprehensive), upon which a new custom blended flower essence formula is created that addresses the changes desired by the client.

Blue Eagle Invocation Liquid Smudge, a Native American aromatherapy product (and feng shui tool) to clear your aura and your personal or office/home space. A favorite of yoga practitioners, bodyworkers and meditators, Liquid Smudge is a well-kept secret that is now available for anyone who wants a clean, clear energetic space to function at their peak performance. (Oh. It also helps you sleep soundly, and is an instant stress-reducer.)

Find Great Organic Gourmet Foods ( was launched in 2004 under the Nitro Incubator training program, as a learning tool for monetizing web sites and a vehicle for Nancy to express her passion for great, healthy, local food – and to assist others in locating sources for eating well, for families, children, pets, people with special needs, and just anyone who enjoys the pleasures of great food – without breaking the bank.

New products and services are expected on a regular basis and will be added to the company’s portfolio upon completion.

Key Executives Bio

Nancy Boyd, President and CEO (short version)

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Nancy Boyd, President and CEO of Bright Wings, Inc., is a founding member of, The Graduate School of Coaching, and is completing her professional certification at CoachU and the ICF. She holds a BS in Secondary Education from NWMSU, and is a Certified Bach Flower Essence Therapist. She is the founder of the CoachU Cultural Creatives SIG and The DayToppers Program, a productivity tool that helps people fulfill their intentions.

Everything Nancy Boyd does includes a benefit for someone else. Always. Her entire life is dedicated to being a vehicle for good in the world and to bringing joy and the means for joy to as many others as she can.

Which no doubt explains why she became a professional coach, an opportunity she sees to be a partner in other people’s success, whether in their personal or business lives.

With 30 year experience in a broad range of businesses including retail, publishing, manufacturing, insurance and education, Nancy was ready to help others meet the challenges of career and business leadership. Through weathering many life crises, such as her own chronic illness, she has felt well prepared to help others create the lives they really want. Her coaching clients benefit from her quick wit, intuition and deep compassion as they grow to live meaningful lives and find just the right edge for their success.

In 1998, Nancy founded Bright Wings, Inc., a holistic services and products company, that allowed her to develop her talents as a professional coach. She helped found, the Graduate School of Coaching, the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She founded the CoachU Cultural Creatives Special Interest Group as a vehicle to create community and dialogue within Coach about effecting cultural change and to support those who do.

Her ability to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people through her coaching has led Nancy to launch, a Web-based initiative that will one day bring the benefits of professionally-trained coaches to millions of people around the globe, with local sites in native languages and foci on specific issues for clients.

Nancy began reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica at age three, an early indication of a lifelong passion for learning (the crayon marks, unfortunately, did not come out.) A MENSA member, Nancy holds a B.S. degree from North West Missouri State University in Secondary Education. She studied at the Writers Institute of the University of Iowa and the American Booksellers Association Advanced Business Management School at the University of Virginia. She holds certification in Bach Flower Essence Therapy, graduated from CoachU, and continues her quest for lifelong learning as a student in the SOC (Graduate School of Coaching), after which she just may create something new to study.

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Flower Essences

A basic description of flower essences and how they work will be found here:

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Liquid Smudge

“Smudge” is the term given to describe the traditional Native American formula that consists of sacred herbs (such as cedar, sage, and sweetgrass) used to purify a space for healing or sacred ceremony.

Often available in bundles tied with string (in this form, called “smudge sticks”) the herbs are burned to create a smoke (similar to incense) that penetrates the atmosphere and clears it of unwanted thought-forms and energies.

Because in modern healing settings (and elsewhere) it is often not possible (or inconvenient) to burn anything, a Native American healer created a liquid version of this formula, which instead of destroying the active properties of the herbs, enhances them. This original formula, created in a sacred way by traditional Native Americans, is called Blue Eagle Invocation Liquid Smudge (or Liquid Smudge, for short.)

It is offered in six sizes:

– 2 ml sample size
– 7.4 ml spray top bottle
— 29ml spray top bottle
— 60 ml spray top bottle
– 100 ml dropper bottle for refills
– 120 ml atomiser bottle
A portable, refillable, 4 ml lipstick-case size spray bottle is also available at the web site.

Blue Eagle healing music CDs, and the complete line of the Ringing Cedars series, are also available from the web sites.

Media Releases

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2. January 15, 2001 – Is it ADD? Or Are They Indigo?

3. May 10, 2006 – Use What You Already Have to Get What You Want